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Kat Young has to be the naughtiest girl I have ever come across on the Internet today. Above you will see something that Kat Young said to me last night and it just drove me fucking nuts that I had to share it with you today. She always wears some skimpy ass outfits and likes to be a cock tease for a while just to make you get hard and ready to masturbate. But do not worry, Kat Young likes to bare it all and show you some of the nasty stuff. She has many hot girlfriends that will get into hot lesbian orgies just for your enjoyment.

Real Asian Teen Picture Club

I am so glad that I found this site. Full of real amateur asian girls. I won’t be surprise if I could actually find the pictures of my buddies girlfriends or my neighbour’s wife. The name of the site is Asian Teen Picture Club. When it comes to porn, I really love the amateur scenes, especially when it comes to amateur asian girls. I like the fact that is candid and not rehearsed. What makes my pussy really wet is when I’m thinking of the brainy and submissive asian girls getting wild behind close doors.I will post more information about this site and hopefully to be obtain some video clips to grace my sex blog. For those of you who are into amateur asian girls, check out the site and I’m sure is worth your time and money. Enjoy!!!!

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Hi guys, tried to sleep but couldn’t. Decided to surf the internet. First stop I check my Facebook account. After logging off from Facebook, check my Friendster account. Nothing seems to be interesting. So while I am online and facing the computer, best thing to do is surf porn. Found this cam site with many performers online. They have asian cam girls, blond cam girls, fetish cams and many more.Out of the many camgirls that I peruse, this particular girl really got my attention. I find her to be so pretty and exotic looking. She goes by the name of Tia Bella. Click on the picture above and you will see more of her. All righty then folks, I think is time for me to try to go to bed and if I can’t sleep, I will try to finger myself. It always work *wink*

Sexy Asian Cam Girl Jeroma

I just can’t seem to get enough of all this sexy Filipinas. Meet Jeroma, the sweet and sensuous Asian cam girl from Asian Cam Models. I like this picture very much as the way Jerome is teasing us makes me so wet in my panties. I would love to take a peek at that sweet smelling pussy and imagining myself stroking her gently with my tongue. Imagining her moaning and playing with her nipples while I licked her gently with the tip of my tongue. Good news is,

Today let me introduce you to a fellow Pinay. I am sure you all are well aware of the sexual level of Filipinas. Meet Samantha, one of the hot models working as a cam girl in asian cam models. If you have lonely nights, do check her out for a one on one fun. She will be more than happy to do all you want just to satisfy your sexual needs. Around the South East Asian region, I am proud to say that Filipina is by far more open minded when it comes to sexual matters. This is maybe due to the Spanish and American occupancy that lasted for several centuries. We adopt the Western Culture more than our other Asian girls counterparts. Try it and you will not regret it.

Summer Is Coming Pt 2

I really love this site that I’ve stumble upon weeks ago. Asian Teen Picture Club dot com. This is what I am talking about in my last post. Pretty Filipina girls in a bikini during summer time. Can you guys see the white sand which is so fine and white like talcum powder? Probably not as you guys must be ogling at this lovely pretty Filipina. I love her red bikini which really suits her as she have fair skin. This site really makes me so motivated to look for more pictures and write some really cool descriptions. I really love to write but my main problem is, I am not a good writer….hahahahahaha….But thanks to wordpress and with the invention of blogs or sex blog…hihihihihi, everybody can write. Yes sir, I am the boss of this particular site and domain featuring sexy asian girls.

Horny Thai Girl Pancake

Meet Pancake ( girl on the left ), she is half British and half Thai. She was born and raised in England and was exposed to the western culture. She was getting really wild and getting out of control. Daddy and mommy decided to send this sexy Thai teenager back to Thailand to live with a relative in order to learn some good Asian values.

I guess daddy and mommy must have thought they made a very good decision for their precious little girl. Instead of learning good Asian values , Pancake decided to make her own porno site. With her site, she gets to fuck some lucky guys, Thai girls and even Thai ladyboys. This girl really enjoys sex and was born horny.

Asian American Girl – Alexx Zen

Meet Alexx Zen, an Asian girl from Orange County, California. She is 20 years old and this her very first x-rated photo shoot. She is so sexy and beautiful. Just look at her pussy lips. I can’t stop looking at it and how I wished I can actually put the tip of my tongue there and start to lick her like a painter stroking the brush.

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Another great Asian girl to be featured on my blog. Meet Katsuni, the biggest Asian pornstar at the moment. She just launched her site with the name Club Katsuni.She previously used the name Katsumi, but due to a lawsuit she changed to her current stage name Katsuni.

Katsuni was born in France and actually is a really good dancer and hosts her own tv shows. She is doing porn because she really loves having sex and the camera. That’s the reason why her scene is always so real as she is not acting.

“Enjoying sex and having a good relationship with the camera is really important in order to be successful in the porn industry“, quoted Katsuni in an interview before. Now all you Asian girl or Asian pornstars fans, check out the official site of the Asian Porn Goddess Katsuni. The site offers really high quality videos and pictures to match up to the expectation of the star herself.

Angeles City Bargirls

Found yet another very nice Asian hardcore site. Name of the site is Trike Patrol. Trike is actually a slang we use here in the Philippines to describe a kind of vehicle. It is actually a short name for a tricycle.

The site features two American guys going hunting for girls in a trike, hence it is named Trike Patrol. The guys would go patrolling in the city of Angeles, a famous city in the Philippines well known for its gogo bars. Most of the talents featured in the site are Filipina Bargirls. For those of you who love the amateur scene, this is by far one of the best Hardcore Filipina site around. Maybe some of you have already made some plans to come to visit this city where Filipina pussies are a bundle. Who knows you might probably bump into the talents that you saw on this site. I will feature one of the latest talents in my blog. Her name is Angelica and she is a sweet looking Filipina Bargirl.

Sexy Asian Girl Allie

Now this what I call a gorgeous babe. Her name is Allie and she is an asian girl living in the States. She can be naughty and look innocent at the same time. I bet asian girl like her would probably be so busy fencing off advances by guys on the streets. Allie has her own personal site where she has tons of high quality pictures and videos doing raunchy shows. She loves to get naked and show off her sexy body. Asian girls nowadays are getting more liberated and open minded. Way to go girl!!!!!!

So guys…if you are into Asian girls, try to join as a member as she has her crazy sex cam showswhere you can chat with her personally and get allow her to get to know you better. At least the next time if you guys crosses path, you will not be IGNORED!!!!!

Hardcore Asian Porn Star Tia Ling

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I made a post here. Been busy with school and also working in cam sites in between. Summer is coming and needed to earn money badly to get some really nice bikinis. I still spend a lot of time on the internet, especially while I am working in cam sites I still do surf around while waiting for members to enter my room. Just that didn’t have the inspiration and motivation to put my thoughts on the blog.

I’ve always wanted to make a write up about this girl Tia Ling. What makes Tia Ling interesting is the fact that she looks like a goody goody kind of girl. But when I see her photo sets doing hardcore, I can’t believe my eyes. I am convinced that she really do love doing what she is doing. Girls like Tia Ling always makes me horny, I like girls whom you do not suspect to be wild but then turned out to be a nymphomaniac when given a chance. This really turns me on. She has been really in demand in the porn industry as I can see her appearing on many sites.

She can be seen at Asian American Girls and her own website. There you can see more sample videos of her doing hardcore scenes with hunky guys and other pretty Asian babes. Oh yeah, she is also seen in this really kinky site doing BDSM stuff as well.

Thai Teenager Fibi

I love everything about this girl. I love her looks, her teeth, her smooth skin and especially her shaven pussy. This girl is Thai by the way. She looks so innocent and demure. But to be honest, most Asian girls do look like that. She is teasing and posing in front of the camera before she is being fucked real hard and good. The pictures are so high in quality and the videos are great too. I would say this is one of the best Thai girl hardcore sites that is available on the net. Fibi also demonstrates her skills in giving blowjobs and sucking cook like Popsicle. After sucking she is fucked by a horny caucasian tourist and was creampied.

Summer Is Coming

Yehey!!!! Summer is almost here. Boracay comes to mind when summer is approaching. Boracay is an island located approximately 300 km from south of Manila. With fine and white sand like talcum powder, you gotta really try to make an effort to visit this island. The water is really crystal clear and is nice to take a dip on a hot sunny day.

At night time there are so many beach parties to attend to. This is something of a “must do list” for all the hip people of Philippines. Pretty Pinays will be busy shopping for their two piece bikini suit trying to look their best during that period of time. With lots of alcohol and occasionally some recreational drugs, lots of crazy things can happen there. Couples having sex in some hidden areas always get filmed somehow. Is the best place to be during summer while you are in the Philippines. Best place for the boys to meet girls and vice versa. At the end of the trip when everyone goes back to reality, what happened in Boracay, stays in Boracay as the saying goes. But thank to this particular site ( Asian Teen Picture Club ) that saying can’t really be applied as they manage to get some really raunchy and sexy footage of what went on there.

Asian Porn From Thailand

When it comes to Asian Porn on the internet, you can expect hot Thai girls to get most of the attention. Thai girls are well known for being very demure and soft spoken. They really make sure they take care of their men very well in every aspect. Ever seen petite Thai girls who suck on big caucasian cock even though their mouth is small? Well, here is your chance to witness Asian girls performing hardcore sex and taking big cocks in their tiny Asian pussy. Click on the picture and view galleries of this Thai girl with fair skin and shaved Asian pussy. Follow the links to more tour of Thai girls performing amazing Asian sex action.

Asian Porn At Best

Another high-quality Asian porn site named Cum Fu. Pictures are crystal clear and most importantly high-quality videos. Good looking Asian pornstars performing great Asian sex scenes. My first post for this site is featuring Asian girl Skyler Raine getting pounded by a big caucasian cock. See this horny Asian girl taking cock like she is slurping on some spicy noodles. Great interracial sex scenes and best Asian blowjobs action.

Asian Sex – Amateur Girl

Found a really great Asian sex site. This site features a lot of Asian amateur girls private pictures and videos ended up on the Internet. I bet these girls are real horny Asian girls as time after time we get new sex videos. I am sure they are aware of the consequences if their “private” video are leaked out. Somehow these Asian girls in my opinion love the excitement of taping their own steamy hot sex videos and being seen by the public. This is why you will see great fucking scenes of the girls and their boyfriends or sex buddies. A lot of asian teen girls in this site, mostly college girls.

Sexy Amateur Filipina

This one hot looking Filipina. The trike patrol guys are out again looking for the flavor of the day. Am sure all are pleased with their new find. This is the first time Miles will pose nude in front of the camera and also fucked in front of the video camera. She looks so confident and at ease.

After goofing around during the pictorials, she can’t seem to wait to have those big caucasian cock in her mouth and tiny Asian pussy. This is one of the best amateur sex site featuring Filipina girls. HERE is a teaser video to see Miles getting fucked and loving every minute of it.

Asian American Girl – Celeste

When it comes to finding fresh faces, you can always count on Asian American Girls dot Com to deliver. The newest face on the site is Celeste. Celeste is a Filipina stripper who hails from California. She really has nice smooth light brown skin and her breast are just nice. Love her brown nipples and looks really tempting to be sucked and licked.

This will be the first time Celeste will be fucking a sex toy in front of the camera. Looking at her licking the toy and then putting it slowly into her pussy and fucking it is really something. I bet many of you guys would love to taste the pussy juice.

Petite Thai Girl With Big Appetite

For those of you who really fancy petite Thai girls, this 33kg Thai girl will definitely make your day. Thainee, standing only at 138 cm have a real big appetite when comes to sex. In Asia, we normally call this kinda girls “bird eye chili” girls. Bird eye chili is really small in size but it really one of the spiciest chili in the world. If you think bell pepper or jalapeno is spicy, you gotta try the bird eye chili when you have the chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to compare the sex poweress of Asian girls against latina girls by using chili…hahahaha….but is just an asian way of labeling a girl like Thainee. This Thai girl with her small body frame can really take a big cock. She can just suck a big white cock easily and you can see she loves every second of it. Now I truly believe the saying sometimes good things really come in small packages.

Thai prostitute by Klaus

I bet most of you guys have heard about the sex tourism in Asia. Thailand comes to mind when topics about sex tourism in Asia. There was one time when a popular dictionary defines Thailand as the land of Buddha and Brothels. The Thai government was so upset that they sued the dictionary company and demand for the term to be omitted from the dictionary. I know is crude but somehow it’s kinda true. Thailand does have many girls working as prostitutes and bar girls. Famous for their Go Go Bars in Soi Cowboy and also Nana Plaza. Pattaya is also full of these sleazy bars to keep whorist busy. Well, if you plan to make a trip and you need trusted recommendation, I suggest you check out the site I LOVE THAI PUSSY. Klaus is a die hard asian sex punter. Details of where to get the best deal for a Thai pussy is in the member area and also videos and pictures of him pounding all the Thai Bargirls. If you happen to like the particular Thai girl in the member area, am pretty sure you can get the information of the working place of the girl. Follow the adventure of Thai sex expert Klaus.

Thai Teen Hungry For Cock

Pictures always worth a thousand words they say. Look at the picture and you can clearly see how this Thai Teen hungry for a big white cock. You can see how passionate she is about giving a blowjob to the lucky guy. Biting gently at the cock and then sucking it like she hasn’t tasted cock for about a few months. After giving the guy the best Asian blowjob, the guy starts to fuck her with all position that one can imagine. Fucking her tight Asian pussy and before he can come, he quickly pulled it out and shoot it in the girl’s mouth. What a grand finale.

Thai teen in cheerleader outfit

This Thai teen really did not know what to expect when she agreed to have sex with a Caucasian guy. She did know that she will be filmed while being pounded by the caucasian guy. Her tiny Thai pussy wasn’t expecting the big white cock that is hard as rock. Sliding in and out of her tiny Thai pussy, finally it exploded to a massive load of sticky thick white cum. Creampied successful!!! She kinda like the feeling of a man’s cum spurting into her pussy and slowly oozing out from her pussy.

Singaporean Girl Giving Blowjob

Back with another great picture of this Asian girl. Some source told me that this is a Singaporean girl. She looks really gorgeous and beautiful. I bet the boyfriend cooed her into taking those pictures while she was blowing him. I like her face so much that I think she can pass out as an Asian actress or an AV Idol. So for those of you who really like all these scandalous amateur sex tapes, this post is really a big treat. Click on the picture and see more raunchy asian sex action. I just love all these Asian porn stuff that is on the internet. I hope you guys approve of this post. Cheers for now!

Asian Groupsex

I’m loving this site more and more each day. You get to see real amateur pictures of horny Asian girls having sex. Most of the content is uploaded by ex-boyfriends. Most probably these guys got dumped by their hot Asian girlfriends and feeling really bad about it. When they are on good terms, I’m sure whatever request the boyfriend has, the girlfriend would grant it., eeerrrrr…….like videotaping their sex act. So in short, the more breakups we have, rest assured we gonna get more of all these Asian sex tapes. Camcorder and digital camera are so affordable nowadays too…so I guess that kinda help.

Click on the picture above and see this horny Asian girl who is really into all kind of sex. The pictures in the gallery featured has her making out with a guy and a girl at the same, having sex with 2 guys at the same time and getting herself handcuff for some BDSM action. I don’t think is fair to call this girl an Asian slut, she just seems to know what she wants and just go for it.

Asian Girl Next Door Nude

After watching a lot of big production porn, I sometimes do craved for the amateur porn scene. The good thing about amateur sex scene is, there’s no acting involved and is very spontaneous. The “stars” in all these scenes are actually regular people who does not get paid for what they doing in the screen. Some are students and some work a 9 to 5 jobs. Once in a while, these girls have their naughty side or they could be feeling horny at that time and would think to capture their images or videos while they are fucking their boyfriends might add a little bit of spice to their life. Some asian girls might not be so bold as to video themselves fucking but they don’t mind using sex toys. Check out ME AND MY ASIAN for the biggest collection of amateur asian girls raunchy pictures and videos. Rumor has it that anyone who is the member area would definitely see someone you have met in your life. It could be one of your geeky bi spectacle Asian girl colleague in the office. Now that’s something really worthwhile wanking off too eh boys!

Dirtiest Asian Porn Slut

One of the dirtiest Asian Porn slut ever to grace the internet is Katsuni. This Vietnamese girl who was born in France is truly on top of her game when doing raunchy asian sex scenes. She loves putting big cocks in her mouth and can really deep throat those monster sausages. With her cute French accent, she is really a delight to watch especially when she is doing the dirty sex talk with her accent. This Asian pornstar can also take really big cock in her tiny Asian ass for anal scenes. We just hope Katsuni will be around for some years to come as I can never get enough of her.