Petite Thai Girl With Big Appetite

For those of you who really fancy petite Thai girls, this 33kg Thai girl will definitely make your day. Thainee, standing only at 138 cm have a real big appetite when comes to sex. In Asia, we normally call this kinda girls “bird eye chili” girls. Bird eye chili is really small in size but it really one of the spiciest chili in the world. If you think bell pepper or jalapeno is spicy, you gotta try the bird eye chili when you have the chance.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to compare the sex poweress of Asian girls against latina girls by using chili…hahahaha….but is just an asian way of labeling a girl like Thainee. This Thai girl with her small body frame can really take a big cock. She can just suck a big white cock easily and you can see she loves every second of it. Now I truly believe the saying sometimes good things really come in small packages.