Summer Is Coming

Yehey!!!! Summer is almost here. Boracay comes to mind when summer is approaching. Boracay is an island located approximately 300 km from south of Manila. With fine and white sand like talcum powder, you gotta really try to make an effort to visit this island. The water is really crystal clear and is nice to take a dip on a hot sunny day.

At night time there are so many beach parties to attend to. This is something of a “must do list” for all the hip people of Philippines. Pretty Pinays will be busy shopping for their two piece bikini suit trying to look their best during that period of time. With lots of alcohol and occasionally some recreational drugs, lots of crazy things can happen there. Couples having sex in some hidden areas always get filmed somehow. Is the best place to be during summer while you are in the Philippines. Best place for the boys to meet girls and vice versa. At the end of the trip when everyone goes back to reality, what happened in Boracay, stays in Boracay as the saying goes. But thank to this particular site ( Asian Teen Picture Club ) that saying can’t really be applied as they manage to get some really raunchy and sexy footage of what went on there.